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Our strength

Advising you before selling insurance covers

A leading broker in a dynamic of constant growth, near you, who daily guarantees the future of your business. Independent broker, well known for its professionalism by French and foreign insurance companies, First Cover advises its clients, negotiates with insurers, manages and improves insurance covers over time.

A long standing expertise, a know-how

With its long standing expertise, First Cover Group has always diversifying itself in order to meet all the insurance needs of corporate companies with thoroughness and outstanding professionalism recognized by the French and foreign insurers. Our dedicated teams provides you with a global solution for asset & professional liability covers, social & transport protections, protection of your professional and private assets, risk management.

Our independence guarantees our integrity

First Cover is a 100% family owned company and therefore has complete control over its corporate stategy. Our independence guarantees the impartiality of the choices we make for our clients, and gives us all the flexibilité needed to deliver tailor-made solutions which meet your needs.

The strength of a leading broker

First Cover is ranked among the leading nearby brokers. Our position means that our clients benefit from our negotiating and buying power with insurance companies and broker-wholesalers.


Our challenge


Be in touch

regularly and objectively and suggest solutions.

Take steps

into a continuous progress initiative in order to help in your development.

Go ahead

with integrity, while ensuring observance of the laws and regulations that are applicable to it.